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How does ABL work?

One form of human perception is vision. In this case the receptors cells of the eyes transmit signals to the brain. Strong light caused by oncoming vehicles at night, however, overburdens the eyes dazzling light sources can thus markedly reduce our visual performance! ABL…

  • is fixed at the sun visor of the vehicle driver
  • causes a little closure of the pupils
  • sharpens the perception on night drives
  • reduces dazzle caused by oncoming traffic
  • relieves the eyes and the brain
  • guards against premature fatigue and microsleep

On night drives with exposure to dazzling headlights ABL reacts before the eyes perceive the approach of vehicles.


ABL produces an optimum light environment inside the vehicle which depend on the external light conditions affecting the driver.


Two front sensors and one rear sensor constantly register dazzling light sources outside the vehicle and provide an appropriate lighting in the visual field of the driver with the help of microprocessors. As a consequence, the eyes of the driver are prepared for disturbing light effects – with the blinding effect on the eyes being clearly reduced.


Using continuous push-buttons the vehicle driver can either select a pleasant background brightness or switch ABL on and off.


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